How I Got Started -Part Two

Holding on to Creativity

I mentioned previously that I played drums between the ages of 10 and 19. The reason I left drumming behind was not because of accounting, but because I erroneously compared my skills and talent to that of a next-door neighbor.

Now, this neighbor was an incredible musician. He became a professional drummer in Nashville and was basically a wrecking crew member in the studio. He went on to marry Steve Winwood’s sister and certainly played with the likes of Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton, and others.

Since I compared my abilities with my neighbor’s, I became discouraged and wound up not so much as touching a drum set for 30 years. Even after 20 years of marriage, my wife had no idea that I was musically inclined. My eldest son had no clue about my musical ability until he was in his 20s. The reason I began playing again is thanks to my brother-in-law, who has a music room. It took me all that time to realize that it’s useless to compare yourself with others. All you can do is your best at what you love. Don’t put superficial limits on yourself – you won’t know what you can make of your passions until you try.

These days, I channel my musical ability directly into my career. When I purchased my Houston accounting firm, I had enough space to set up a music room. Since then, I’ve been able to practice with several bands either by playing on the drums or percussion or by singing a few songs.

I especially consider myself blessed to be able to host a Houston-wide networking event known as the Forward Results Band Jam. Band Jam is held at my accounting firm’s offices on the second Thursday of every month, and each gathering sees between 75 to 300 participants. During Band Jam, we provide free food, free beverages, and an abundance of live music featuring not only myself and others in our vast network, but other great musicians attracted by the opportunity to showcase their talents to a receptive audience.

I am truly grateful for Band Jam, as it allows me to go back to my roots and be a rock star once-a-month. Simultaneously, it allows me the opportunity to expand my network while at the same time helping others to expand theirs. Band Jam was even featured on ABC’s 6PM news, and I was designated “The Rock & Roll CPA.” Band Jam has also been written about in the Houston Business Journal and the Houston Chronicle. You can learn more about it at

It is always possible to meld your practical career to your artistry if you are willing to be creative about it. Who knows? You might just build something unique and incredible.

Taylor Alva