Gary Cooper is a certified valuation analyst and has built a team at Cooper CPA Group that has worked closely together in preparing calculation of value reports. If you would like to understand the value of your business at a reasonable price, a calculation of value is the way to go. This analysis is very useful during merger and acquisition negotiations.  It could be used for a company-wide bonus program.  Instead of calculating bonuses based on net income, you can use the calculation of value based on the increase per period to determine bonuses.  Some business owners will use it to measure real annual growth.  You can use this calculation to better understand the company's specific risk in order to achieve a higher valuation if you plan to sell your business. 

A calculation of value is not a full valuation, and you will not receive an opinion of value.  We do consider each approach when preparing the calculation of value.  We use the income approach, the asset approach, or the market approach to determine the value of your business.  The engagement is specific, it will be outlined in an engagement letter.  Therefore, proper expectations can be understood. The calculation of value is a great tool.  Through it we are able to gain a better understanding of your business value that can be utilized in the pre-due diligence process and be used to calculate company bonuses. When you anticipate executing a buy/sell with your business partner, at a quarter of the price of a full valuation, the calculation of value can be a very beneficial alternative.