10 Ways Cooper CPA Group Can Help Your Business Start-Up

Cooper CPA Group provides comprehensive services for entrepreneurs who have a small and mid-market business.  This business offering is geared to improve overall business strategy, strengthen internal control, establish and implement processes and procedures, and increase range of business opportunities with early stage and start-up businesses.  The services include:


  1. Define, establish and implement overall business strategies.
  2. Define, develop and assist with the implementation of processes and procedures.
  3. Creation and implementation of a system of internal control to segregate duties and define preventive and detective controls to safeguard assets.
  4. Implement and perform monthly and quarterly financial analysis. See our Blog, “Looking Under the Hood”.
  5. Preparation of a management discussion and analysis document with comparative reporting with previous periods and expectations.
  6. Establishing processes and procedures to mitigate company specific risk.
  7. Ongoing tax planning.
  8. Capitalization analysis.
  9. Budgeting and projections.
  10. Establishing and monitoring all company goals and objective.


Cooper CPA Group has the experience and knowledge to assist you with your start-up or early stage business, to allow for a greater opportunity for financial success. 

Taylor Alva