We are in the communications business

We are a public accounting firm that is actually in the communication industry. When you call for an appointment, you will be greeted by a Cooper CPA team member who has superior customer service experience.  She will typically be able to answer many questions related to our service offerings and related prices. 

You will be scheduled to have a meeting with a partner of Cooper CPA Group.  If you decide to utilize our services, we will introduce you to the staff member who will be assigned to work on your engagement.  We believe in face-to-face meetings to start a long-term partnership.  We consider all of our client’s partners and hope for a relationship for many years.

Our staff will immediately start engagement planning.  You will receive a written engagement letter and a budget where all expectations should be explained and met.  You will receive a budget that identifies a quote before services are rendered.  It is important that you understand the financial responsibility associated to the work before it begins. 

You will receive direct-line phone numbers from our customer care representative, the partner in charge of your engagement and the staff performing the services.  You will have Gary Cooper's cell phone number if an emergency does ever arise. 

We will analyze your financial information to assist with your operating effectiveness, improvement of your financial infrastructure, and to minimize your taxes.  We will discuss our five step process that will be used to achieve your goals. 

We will discuss our five step process with you which is a technique to define expectations.  This is a simplified method of communicating to you the services that will be rendered.  We will follow up by phone and e-mail throughout the year to make sure that we are meeting your needs.  If you have questions and comments, they will also be handled with care and enthusiasm by our staff. 

We will encourage our clients to implement a quarterly close process if they have a small business.  We strongly believe in educating our clients on how to use their financial information to make prompt business decisions.  Having a quarterly close process will allow you to better understand your numbers, conduct ongoing tax planning, and make changes if necessary to have a better scorecard. 

We strongly encourage mid-year or fourth quarter tax planning.  You will receive multiple notifications from our staff.  We believe that you will minimize your taxes if you can identify where you're at and what lies ahead through the end of the year.  Tax deductions can be made available through proper planning. 

Cooper CPA Group also collaborates internally to provide you with the best possible service.  It is very important to use fifteen minds versus just one if the knowledge is available.  We have a two-step review process that allows for locating additional tax deductions, and possibly a better way of filing your taxes.  This review process is also beneficial when utilized for accounting service clients.  There could always be a better way to track your information. 

Our entire staff work very well together. They have worked together for many years.  Having very little staff turnover is very beneficial for you as our business partner. You will know who your primary contact is, and they will typically be there each year to assist you with your accounting and tax needs.  Both internal and external communication is critical to provide our clients with a very effective and complete product.  Our end game, for you to have an outstanding experience.  And you will enthusiastically refer us to assist your friends, family, and business associates.

Tyler Gillespie