Service vs Price

Performing consulting services on your tax preparation are critical.  That is where we find the deductions that you don't know about that allows for creative thinking to dive into your world and determine the things that you are doing that create tax deductibility. 

On all other matters, including allowing us access to your general ledger, your financial data, dashboard, and other areas of reporting, allowing us to analyze your books and records, will give us incite to assist you with more effective ways of understanding your financial information and implementing defined improvements. 

  1. A better way that you can look at your financial data and make timely business decisions.
  2. A better way that the chart of account can be reconfigured to make more informed business decisions. 
  3. A better way to determine what relevant activity is producing the highest profit margin in your organization. 
  4. A better way to determine if some business statement is actually losing money and extremely activity based. 
  5. A better way to determine if other related revenue streams exist, it can generate higher profit margins. 
  6. A better way to determine market timing when it's time to see your business. 
  7. A better way to determine if you're taking advantage of estate planning and are protecting your family. 
  8. A better way to live your life, to be free from financial constraints and have an understanding of your path or bright financial future. 

Cooper CPA group can create a better way.

Tyler Gillespie