If you need someone who can help you make critical business decisions, we have the ability to provide mentorship. Gary Cooper has experience outside of public accounting. He has served in various C level positions with publicly traded companies. He was the CFO in an initial public offering. He has been an owner in several private companies, and various industries that provide broad business experience. Mr. Cooper has bought and sold his own companies in six separate transactions. He has eight patents in which he has prototyped, manufactured, and distributed to major league baseball and the NHL. Mr. Cooper has also built two multi-million dollar CPA practices in two major cities. Mr. Cooper serves as an officer in the entrepreneur’s organization that is a world-wide organization. Mr. Cooper also is a co-chair of the mentorship program, and he has mentored entrepreneur organization members. Some of the areas where he can assist are business strategy, defining core values, your mission and your vision, assisting with your tactical plan, assisting with the implementation of processes and procedures, creating a succession plan to assist with your strategy to exit, implementation of tax strategies, and the creation of an overall financial plan. These services can assist you with growth and business expansion.