We assist preparing your bank package if you are trying to obtain a line of credit, a bank term loan, or maybe even seeking private equity. Cooper CPA group can assist you in preparing a package and negotiating the transaction.  We will assist you with the preparation of an abbreviated business plan that has a very precise executive summary.  We will assist you with pulling all documentation together to have a comprehensive package. 

If necessary, we can assist with accounting cleanup.  Your books and records may not represent economic reality.  In some cases, it may be good to convert your financial information to the accrual basis of accounting, which better reflects economic reality.  Tax adjustments are sometimes not posted to the general ledger, therefore the tax return and the financial statements do not match. Subsequent to accounting cleanup, we will assist with the preparation of your financial statements including a cash flow analysis.  Typically a bank will want three years of financial statements including the most recent interim period.  When necessary, we can prepare a calculation of value to determine the value of your business from the transaction date.  We will analyze your collateral values where you can maximize your line of credit and/or term loan.  When presenting the package, all information will compare and agree- financial statements, tax returns, abbreviated business plan, non-financial data, and your cash flow analysis.\

We have numerous bankers in our network that we can present your package to, which will assist with the opportunity of receiving the desired amount. We can also assist with SBA financing or traditional financing.